Honey Bee Tree

Hi there and welcome to my first ever published recommendation! ~Hold for applause~ This game was probably the first game we got to help with therapy at home. I will not be doing a video on it as we no longer have the game due to the kids aging out of it and therefore it has been donated. And without further ado.

Honey Bee Tree as shown by I Play, also available by Game Zone

Honey Bee Tree is another version of Kerplunk (see end of review).

Objective: To collect as more sticks than your opponents before the bees drop. For solo play, to collect as many leaves as possible before the bees drop.

What does this work on: Occupational therapy, specifically for the pincher grip as they place the leaves in the hive and remove them. The child(ren) may need help putting the leaves in as that is an advanced pincher grip move.

Why I recommend it over Kerplunk: Kerplunk uses tiny sticks and marbles. For a child who has hand issues these small sticks and smooth marbles are hard to grasp and can cause frustration in the child. The sticks on Honey Bee Tree have a leaf on one end which makes them easier to grab and place/pull. The bees are textured and have wings making them easier to pick up.

My only complaints: The rules say you can turn the tree trunk on the base, there are 4 numbered trays for up to 4 players. The idea is you turn it for each player’s turn so you can keep track of how many bee’s each person has. This never worked for us. We ended up shaking the bees out on accident attempting this. Also, the leaf sticks will bend over time due to the weight of the bees, making it more difficult to place them into the hive. Keep this in mind if you are getting one used.

Kerplunk by Mattel

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