More to come

Please be patient as our new site gets up and running. Like any new organization or business, there are always some issues to work out in the beginning.

So far our issues have been fun! (Totally kidding on this…) My desktop was my primary computer for doing media jobs in the past. I have taken a break from media jobs due to family and didn’t realize that Windows 10 doesn’t allow my pro Corel Paint/Photoshop program, permanently disabled my Bamboo drawing pad, and ate my pro movie studio. It also ate the old program to download my videos from my old camcorder; admittedly, it was getting obsolete since they were mini dvd-r’s. The web host I had been building with for over 10 years decided to go e-commerce only. Thanks….

So, new programs, new web host, and a new camera curtesy of my awesome dad and we are ready to go… almost. The camera is awesome, but it connects to the phone. My phone has an Otter Box so the camera doesn’t fit. Lmao!!! So I’ve had to rig it with extra wires that were hard to find. Ok. Crisis adverted, now to work this baby…. instructions…. ah here we are… and they are only in Chinese and Japanese. ~face palm~ I WILL figure this out after watching endless videos in any language I can figure out. So please bear with me. I may do some test videos and I want to have all the videos have subtitles.

Subtitles are a huge deal in our house, YouTube now automatically inserts them, but I am trying to figure out how to turn them off so I can type them up myself because I know the auto generated one will get them wrong.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please check out the Links page, it’s pretty fleshed out!

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