Machi Koro

This one was a video review, done amid the winter storms. I apologize for all the cutting, but between kids and pets, a lot of editing was needed.

Here is the site for donations.

A brief recap of the storm

So, the South was hit really hard from Winter Storms Uri and Viola. Over 4 million were without power, almost as many without water because most of the water. People were and are still starving because grocers and restaurants had to throw out their stock due to power failure.

Donations for foodbanks are still being accepted. The link is posted above. I still strongly encourage watching the video.

A little birdy…

Our water issue

As I stated, we were lucky and only lost power for a couple of hours. If you are wondering why we lost water, the water froze leading from our well into our tanks. We did catch it early and set out a heater, however, the expanding water busted the pressure valve so the PSI was stuck at 40. I’m sure it didn’t help that it was old. Thankfully we had a spare in the garage and my husband got it replaced, but not after we were without water for a majority of the week.

Like many others, we were shoveling snow for use as toilet water. We have awesome neighbors who sent over several 5 gallon buckets for us with water when they found out. They still had running water.

Obviously, this didn’t work…

The game!

Not mentioned in the video, but Machi Koro is Japanese for Dice Town. Machi being town or city and koro being the sound the dice make when they clack together in your hand.

The game was originally released in Japan in 2012, 2014 in the US and has several expansions.

The base game is for 1-4 players, ages 10+

“You’ve just been elected Mayor. Congratulations! Unfortunately, the citizens have some pretty big demands: jobs, a theme park, a couple of cheese factories, and maybe even a radio tower. A tough proposition since the city currently consists of a wheat field, a bakery and a single die.

Armed only with your trusty die and a dream, you must grow Machi Koro into the largest city in the region. You will need to collect income from developments, build public works, and steal from your neighbors’ coffers. Just make sure they aren’t doing the same to you!”

from the Machi Koro rule book
Stand alone games:
  • Machi Koro: base game
  • Machi Koro: Deluxe (includes base game, Harbor, and Millionaire’s Row).
  • Machi Koro: Bright Light, Big City (has cards from the base game and both expansions, but not all)
  • Machi Koro: Legacy (It’s the mechanics of Machi Koro, but has a story line… includes 10 story scenarios)
  • Harbor Expansion: (gives 2 more land marks (needed to win) and allows for a 5th player. New supply cards
  • Millionaire’s Row: New supply cards, renovation ability added (very cut throat)

For detailed how to play info, please visit Machi Koro (look for us on or watch the video above.

  • Doesn’t require hand use
  • No negative balance (think Monopoly)
  • Math stuff
  • Requires strategy (Brains!!!)
  • Games are long, avg is 30 min

House rules!!

  • Small table rule: Rather than have ALL of the supply cards on display like the rules state for your marketplace, put all your supply cards into a single pile. Deal only 5 cards face up into the marketplace. Place any duplicates in the bottom of your supply pile. This will also prevent “certain people” from buying all the same property. If you have the expansions, make this number 10.
  • If you accidently purchase or are gifted more than one of the stand alone games, rather than return it, put a permanent marker dot on the second copy cards in one of the corners (for separating in the future for 1-4or 5 players) and combine them for party fun. Using the renovation ability is a lot more fun in a group of people than when you have to see the “puppy dog eyes” they give you when you’re all close and cozy.


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