Recommendation – S’match

Much like my previous review, we no longer have S’match as the kids are too old for it. I have fond memories of playing it with them and often wished they had it when I was a child.

S’match by ThinkFun

S’match is a memory game a step higher than Memory Match. It can be played solo or with others. It is a very unique way of playing memory.

Objective: To remember where the matches are and get more than your friends. Sounds simple enough, but there is a catch. The spinner dictates how you have to make your match based on color, number, or category. You can find the exact same card or mix it up. Two (2) trucks and two (2) cows make a match, two (2) purple cards make a match, or even a violin and a piano. You never know how the spinner will land so parents won’t have the upper hand.

Strengthens: Cognition. This works on the eight (8) core skills of Cognitive Capacity.

  • Sustained attention
  • Response Inhibition
  • Speed of info processing
  • Cognitive flexibility and control
  • Multiple simultaneous attention
  • Working memory
  • Category formation
  • Pattern recognition

My Complains: The spinner is loud. This is a huge turn off to people with SPD. Thing 2 struggled with this game for a very long time because of the noise, however, she wanted to play it so much she would hold a stuffed animal over the spinner to muffle the sounds as it spun.

All in all, an excellent version of a pretty mundane game. I’d buy it again for a younger kid.