School’s out! … or is it?

School is out for the summer, but it doesn’t feel like it yet. LOL. This first week of summer, I have spent more time running back and forth between schools than I did when school was in session. We have camp for the extracurriculars, summer school because oops, testing because we all noticed a decline in the functioning in one kiddo…

So I’ll put some randomness up here for entertainment until we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. (click on photos to enlarge them.)


Boring stuff first, one of the things I get asked a lot is how I organize medications for a large house… off brand Tupperware. Everything is clearly labeled. We have an entire cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to meds, no joke. They are the ones that are used regularly, so it makes since to have them in the kitchen so they can be taken with food or drink or however they are supposed to be given. We have another cabinet in the bathroom with the emergency kits: glucometer, extensive first aid past bandaids (bandages, wraps, splints, oh my!), nebulizers, etc.

Ooooh, Shiny!

Something fun!

So my husband and I decided to back the expansion for MixTape Massacre before Covid hit. The game was supposed to release right before Halloween. We were stoked becausze we have a Halloween gathering every year and once the kids go to bed, we often game. (NOTE: This game is NOT ok for kids. I can do a review on it another time). Needless to say, it never happened… but we got the game, got some goodies like a character, a pin, and our names in the instruction book.


During the forever quarantine, I came across this gem. It’s a canvas print of Atari games. I’ve played most of these listed. Have you played any of these? What is your favorite Atari game?

Patience is a virtue. And nothing teaching a child patience like having them wait for a video game to load on the Commodore 64. the photo on the left says, “Loading time is approximately two and one half minutes.” LMAO. I remember there were some games that we had time enough to make a sandwich, eat it, come back, and it might be loaded.


If you have a science nut or someone who is struggling in science (middle school or higher), Theodore Gray writes awesome books about subjects in science and makes it easier to learn. The layout is aesthetically pleasing. We have the first two books in his series, Molecules and Elements. He has since come out with Reactions and How Things Work. Surprisingly, on his website, you can get autographed copies of these books for $30. Holy Toledo! He even has board books for an intro to science for kids. I love it. Not to mention the clear acrylic model kits, and other randomness you can get. The gif on the right and at the top are models from his site. So cool!

It’s been said English is the hardest language to learn… and Mandarin Chinese. This book makes fun of the language while helping kids remember how to pronounce words that are outliers or exceptions to the rules. P is for Pterodactyl by Raj Halder and Chris Carpenter.

Have a child that’s not interested in books unless there are pictures? We had several. The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak helped greatly. Mind you, you have to introduce this book by reading it out loud to them. After a few reads, our book haters were reading this out loud to each other, to us, to their stuffed animals, anyone who would listen.

I guess, stay tuned. I may say something brilliant at any moment.


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